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Sahach Foundation

As a veteran-owned company, the Sahach Foundation is deeply committed to supporting and empowering the Men and Women of our Armed Forces whose sacrifices and service too often go unrecognized and appreciated. We believe that to whom much is demanded, much must be reciprocated. The Sahach Foundation is committed to making meaningful changes in the lives of our U.S. Veterans and Active Duty service members. Through the partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and the Sexual Assault Action Network(SAAN), the Sahach Foundation hopes to bringing attention to the issue of sexual harassment & assault and providing valuable financial resources needed to support their plight. 5% of Sahach annual profit will go to support these organizations.

Our Contributions

We are making meaningful change and restoring hope.

The Sahach Foundation channels the collective will of our customers through their generous donations to do good and support those that defend our country. Since our creation, the Sahach Foundation has provided financial and material support to the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) & the Armed Forces Sexual Assault Network (ASAN).

So far, we have:

Contributed over $5,000 & over 250 hours of Volunteering in service to our Armed forces.

Good Measure

Charity is a good measure. We recognize and appreciate the sacrifice of those who keep our Country free and safe. By supporting the Sahach Foundation you are supporting the Men and Women of our Armed Forces. We are committed to never forget their sacrifices.

Supporting and Empowering Those Who Serve

Sexual harassment & assault remains a serious issue within the U.S. Military. The victims experience long-lasting impact in every aspect of their life. The Sahach Foundation has partnered with organizations that focus on bringing attention to the issue and privide valuable resources to help address the problem. The Sahach Foundation is committed to creating a culture to eliminate sexual harassment and assault and encourage a personal commitment from all our Customers to do their part to create a safe environment for our Service Members.



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