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Group 5

The Sahach Ballerina Flats are pure comfort and elegant.

—Sandy, Berryville, VA

Group 5

The Sahach Ballerina Flats have been a blessing for my troubled feet.

—Khadisha, Aldie, VA

Group 5

I finally found the perfect shoes with Sahach Ballerina Flats.

—Gaya, Moscow, Russia

Group 5

I absolutely love my Sahach Ballerina Flats!

—Manishka, Orlando, FL

Group 5

As a teacher and always on the move, Sahach Ballerina Flats is a game-changer and comfy too..

—Megan, Washington DC

I found myself slipping into them for work, pairing them with elegant dresses for nights out, and they never felt out of place. The allure is so irresistible that I'd suggest grabbing two pairs; once you fall for them, you'll want them to last forever. Even got a pair for my mom, and she's equally smitten!

Alexa, Sherman Oaks, CA

With bunions, hammer toe, and lingering arthritis from past injuries, finding comfort has always been a challenge. But these flats have changed the game. Not only did I get them in one color, I bought three! They've significantly reduced the discomfort, making my walks almost pain-free. I can't recommend them enough!

Naomi, Raleigh, NC

I've worn these shoes several times to events or out to dinner, but today I wore them to work for eight hours. I walk quite a bit at work, but these heels did not hurt my feet. I usually get pain in the balls of my feet, but these have just the right amount of cushion.

Isha, Denver, CO

They are so flexible and comfortable, it feels like I’m walking on air. Made with real Italian leather, they are stylish and tough, fitting perfectly into my busy life. They are the best versatile shoes and go with every outfit I own. My feet have never felt so spoiled and fashionable.

Amelia, New York, NY

They are really comfortably made and stylish with great attention-to-detail. They're also durable and rugged too. They move easily with my feet, making sure my feet feel great all the time. It’s obvious Sahach knows what they are doing. I can't wait to get my hands on their next edition.

Carolina, Chicago, IL:

They are really comfortable and flexible. Even on my busiest days, these shoes stay looking good and feeling sturdy. They’re my favorite shoes and make me feel stylish without any foot pain. They are really the best for comfort and lasting style in shoes.

Susana, Washington D.C.


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