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The Sahach Shoe

The Sahach Shoe is a work of art that combines comfort and style so perfectly.

The Sahach Ballerina Flats is an infusion of comfort and style. Our products are made from 100% high quality Italian leather. The Sahach Flats include hand-stitched sweat resistant leather insoles with memory foam inserts for comfort and flexibility. Reinforced cushioned back for extra Achilles support and long wear. Signature U.S. design patent ruby-red non-skid rubber sole and malleable leather mid-sole enhances the durability of the shoe. The Sahach Ballerina Flats is a must-have stylistic masterpiece. Feel it, wear it!

Sahach Ballerinas

Sahach Signature Shoe is our Limited edition shoe, handcrafted, high-quality Italian leather shoe made with the utmost respect for class, elegance, and sophistication. The Sahach Signature Shoe signifies everything about SAHACH regarding Style, Attitude, History, Art, Culture, and Heritage (SAHACH). The Sahach Signature Shoe is perfect for wearing on any special occasion in gold, black, red & more - It is a must-have stylistic masterpiece. Feel it, wear it!

Sahach Signature Shoe

Italian craftsmanship and originality are at the heart of the Sahach brand.  Our handcrafted products utilize the finest quality Italian leather and eco-friendly materials to create a comfortable, durable, elegant, and stylish product.



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